Why getting a Wastewater or Septic Tank Report is so Important

A report on the sewage disposal system is vital if you are buying a house. It states whether th system complies with the General Binding Ruls or not. It also explains what needs to be done oand the cost of the works. It is signed by the wastewater surveyor who did the survey.

If you are buying a house, you can use this report to prove compliance with the General Binding Rules, one way or the other, and the remedial works, if feasible, are either done by the vendor before purchase, or by the buyer, after purchase. In the latter case, the cost of the remedial works is normally deducted from the purchase price.

As we estimate, from our surveys, that well over 50% of septic tanks illegaly discharge to ditches, this report can knock £000's off the asking price.

What is included in the report

It gives a full report of all the findings during the survey.

It details in what way the system either complies with or does not comply with the General Binding Rules.

Solicitors are increasingly asking for these reports to be done if the property has a private sewage disposal system, especially if it has a septic tank.

Please contact us to arrange a survey, prior to purchase.

Failedsewage treatment planton inspection
This sewage treatment plant failed on inspection. It had previously been run over by a tractor and the vendor di not mention it.