Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

Current legislation means that about 75% of the UK can no longer install septic tanks and many existing ones also have to be changed. They are being replaced in these areas by sewage treatment plants to try to minimise pollution to watercourses and groundwater - which is increasingly used for public drinking water.

If you are buying a house with a septic tank, it is likely that you will have to replace it due to non-compliance with the General Binding Rules

Not all septic tanks are affected, so contact us first on 01757 289555 and we will try to save you money

Sewage treatment plant installation

Why choose WRI to install your sewage treatment plant?

We are a tiny company. Our Director is our surveyor and is also the person who will 'Hands-On' oversee the install of your sewage treatment plant throughout the install. As such, our overheads are small and we try to give the best value for money.

He has 35 years experience of installing them and is also a fully qualified Wastewater Site Assessor and constuction site manager. He has worked for some of the biggest building companies in the UK, in charge of £multi-million projects, but for the past 20 years, he has dedicated his working life to sewage treatment and wastewater site assessment. He has also written Installation Manuals for several different sewage treatment plant manufacturers.

We do not have sales staff. Sewage treatment plant salesmen usually have very little knowledge of the difficulties faced with some installations. There is nothing worse than a sewage treatment plant that you can not use, because the inlet level is too high, or the plant is not suitable for the purpose,  being delivered to site. With us, this can't happen, as the installer is also the person who surveyed the site and specified the correct plant for the job.

We are not tied to a particul;ar manufacturer, like many installation companies. There is no such thing as a 'Perfect' sewage treatment plant as it depends on how it is going to be used. The ability to pick and choose the right one for the right job is very important to us.

We can complte the entire install ourselves, or will come to site to oversee and manage the install, if you have your own contractor. You can't expect someone to do a job 100% right if he has never done it before!

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Which Installers to Avoid?

Here are some pointers;

  • If the person who surveys the site and recommends a particular plant is NOT the person who will be there at the installation - walk away. They might be more suited to selling double glazing!
  • Never get an untrained person to install your plant. The man down the road who has a digger will know nothing about the installation of a sewage treatment plant and it will go horribly wrong. Every make of plant is installed differently.
  • Ask a few questions: "What is the British Standard for sewage treatment plant installation?" The answer is the BS 6297 2008. At any mention of connecting it to a soakaway, ask them to leave. Soakaways are illegal for sewage effluent.
  • Don't get just one quote. We have known quotes for the same job range for £7000 to £18,000. For some installers, it is a license to print money.
  • Ask for references for installs they have done previously and follow them up.
  • If your installer gives you an estimate without having done a full survey, including all levels, do not employ him.  It is a common trick in the industry and the final price is likely to be much more than the quote, due to 'Unforseen Circumstances'
  • If the installer calls you"Boss" on first meeting, show him the door.

What is included in the Installation quote?

  • Your site will be fully surveyed and the resulting fee will be deducted from the Installation Quote, if we get the contract. This is only fair, as we try to keep costs as low as possible for our customers. Travelling all week to do surveys for free, only increases the general prices if we don't get the jobs.
  • Detailed questions will be asked about the use of the plant, number of persons using it, number of bedrooms per property using it, etc. so that we can choose the right plant for the situation.
  • We will contact the Environment Agency to find out if there are any problems or special requirements for your site.
  • The plant will be purchased and delivered to site on the day we start work, to prevent any damage to the plant occuring prior to install.
  • We will liase with Building Control and will not install any tank without it being overseen by them. On final inspection, you will receive the Building Regulations Certificate from the Building Inspector.
  • We will arrange the delivery of all manufacturer warranties, operational manuals, etc.

Some of the sewage treatment plants we specify